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Connect the app to a RealDoll™.

Use the app to connect with the RealDollX Robotic Head and bring your doll to life! Be one of the first to have an amazing experience with a sex capable robot!

Get the 18+ Expansion for spicy conversations and additional actions with no restrictions!
LipSync with the robotic head for an incredible realistic experience.
Interact directly with the robot.
Available for Android
*RealDoll X App and RealDoll X Robotic Head sold separately.
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Virtual Reality
Full imersion with your avatar.
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Augmented Reality
Have your avatars interact with your environment through the screen of your phone.
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Virtual Store
Gifts, toys and extras.
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AI for your unique interactions and preferences.
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RealDoll X Club
Share your experiences and comments with other members.
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Take your companion everywhere with your mobile.
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Beautiful high-definition models for you to fall in love with.
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Multiple Avatars
Choose an avatar or customize one yourself. Keep them saved and switch between them.
Start now a
pleasuring experience
Pay once $20,00 – A RealDoll X Companion App active subscription is required.

Available for Android
100% Discreet and secure - buy the app through 256-bit encryption with a possible discretion. Your invoice will not display RealDoll X and the app is always accessible with a password.